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          Latest Updates

          Fusion 360: Model of a gun

          Fusion 360: A 3D artist's guide

          3D Autodesk Fusion 360 blends CAD and 3D tools. Get started with this handy guide.

          13 essential Cinema 4D plugins

          Cinema 4D Create mind-blowing effects with these essential plugins for C4D.

          The tech behind Toy Story 4

          Behind the scenes of Toy Story 4

          3D Pixar reveals the tools that went into the latest Toy Story.


          How to kitbash on the go with Shapr3D

          3D Use Shapr3D to kitbash on an iPad Pro with this handy tutorial.

          3D art: 28 amazing examples to inspire you

          3D This stunning 3D art will take you to a whole new dimension.

          Special effects in movies: Interstellar

          Special effects in movies: 10 stunning examples

          3D Discover the best visual effects that elevated cinema.

          Master Social media promotions with 3D World

          News Become a better artist with the latest issue of 3D World.

          Character sheet

          Character sheets for 3D modellers: 15 top tips

          3D Learn how to design a character sheet for a 3D character.

          Retopology in Maya

          How to speed up retopology in Maya

          3D Make retopology in Maya faster with this step-by-step guide.

          3D sculpting: model

          3D sculpting: How to sculpt with style

          3D Leading artists share advice on 3D sculpting to help you master the art.

          Free Siggraph 2019 sponsor guide

          3D Missed this year's Siggraph? Then download our free 3D World sponsor guide

          Still from Skull and Bones

          How to design video games cinematics you won't want to skip

          Video games Advice from the experts.

          Download files for 3D Artist 134

          News Get your files and high-resolution screenshots for issue 134 of 3D Artist.

          3d rigging

          3D rigging: all you need to know to get started

          3D Get your head around 3D rigging with these key elements.

          Adobe Dimension

          Get started with Adobe Dimension CC

          Adobe Create bespoke 2D and 3D scenes with Adobe Dimension.

          Gravity Sketch

          How to use Gravity Sketch


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          Detective Pikachu 3D World

          Discover the VFX of Detective Pikachu with 3D World

          News Become a better artist with the latest issue of 3D World.

          Archviz example of a building at sunset [Image: Mohit Sanchaniya]

          Archviz: everything you need to know

          3D Archviz experts share the building blocks of the technical skill.

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